The Gestalt Language Processing Handbook !


This comprehensive resource is designed for clinicians and parents alike! The GLP Handbook* is filled with tools to help you provide education about and advocacy for the Gestalt Language Processor in your life (or on your caseload).

This handbook is available for individual purchase or for a group license. If you are interested in a group license (5 or more) please email [email protected]


*The material and handouts in this Handbook do not come with the course and are a supplement to the information and handouts in the main Meaningful SpeechTM course.


We designed this with you in mind! 

The Gestalt Language Processing Handbook is a reproducible collection of educational handouts designed to provide parents, caregivers, and educators guidance on how to support natural language development in gestalt language processors. This is for:
  • SLPs providing home programming or parent coaching sessions

  • SLPs providing professional development support for their colleagues or clinical fellows

  • SLPs providing support to classroom teachers and paraprofessionals

  • Parents and Caregivers providing education to a child’s IEP team, classroom teachers, and/or other family members

  • Professionals and clinicians looking to advance their knowledge and support the children they work with!


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Curious how this handbook will help you?

  • The handbook was designed with both SLPs and caregivers in mind
  • The handouts are reproducible, saving time for busy clinicians and families
  • These handouts answer many FAQs about Gestalt Language Processing and Natural Language Acquisition
  • Each handout is meant to support a discussion between the child’s support team members and facilitate a deeper understanding of NLA + GLP
  • This is the perfect complement to the Meaningful Speech Course!

CLICK HERE to download our flyer to share with your employer! It explains the handbook, what's included, what you will learn, and the cost.

What you will find inside this downloadable, DIGITAL resource:

  • 5 form letters to accompany handouts to parents, teachers, and other caregivers written from the perspective of the SLP and/or caregiver.
  • 2 collaborative coaching worksheets to support Parent Coaching models.
  • 38 handouts to support discussions around Gestalt Language Processing
  • 6 pages of additional resources on Gestalt Language Processing 
  • An in-depth video tutorial to help you get the most out of your new resource!

Meet the Author!

Kathryn Arnold, MCD, CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in Gestalt Language Processing. She received her Master's degree from Auburn University. Kathryn has provided speech-language services primarily in private practice clinics and schools across the United States. She is a private practice owner, military spouse, and mom. Clinical education and providing educational supports to families is Kathryn's passion which is why she is part of the Meaningful Speech team. 

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When you purchase this product you will be able to rapidly improve your communication regarding all things Gestalt Language Processing. The child’s support team will have an increase in understanding, which will provide the support the child needs in their natural language development.

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