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Meaningful Speech has temporarily closed its doors while we prepare to launch a new and improved course with some amazing bonuses. Our new course will allow you to work at your own pace (you will have LIFETIME access). It will be available to parents and professionals. Speech-language pathologists will have the opportunity to pass our final exam to be listed in our NLA Trained SLP Registry. 

Course launches on 2/2/22!

Be sure to join our waitlist to be first in line when the doors open again on 2/2/22.  Once on the waitlist, you will get access to our monthly Meaningful Speech Lunch and Learns on our new You Tube Channel.  We have some amazing guests lined up this winter!

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We created a PDF handout  to help you explain gestalt language processing and delayed echolalia to staff and parents. 

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Calling all SLPs, parents, therapists, teachers, and related professionals...

anyone and everyone who will benefit from understanding delayed echolalia:

Did you know there are two ways to process language? 

Children who use delayed echolalia (or scripting) are gestalt language processors.  They require a different treatment approach in order to begin communicating with original language.  I help SLPs and parents learn the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) framework to help kids break down their language scripts and move from echolalia to self-generated language.

Therapists, are you asking yourself:

  • How do I work with a child who communicates with echolalia? I have children who echo on my caseload.

  • Why isn’t my approach working with this child?

  • Why does this child seem to process language differently?

  • Why is this child still scripting and stuck despite my best efforts?

Parents, have you ever wondered:

  • Why isn’t traditional speech therapy working for my child?

  • How can I help my child communicate with varied language?

  • What do I do at home to help my child engage in meaningful communication?

  • Where can I go to learn about what I can do to help my child?

This course will teach you how to approach scripting in autistic children or ANY children, regardless of diagnosis, by developing: 


- An understanding of the two ways to process language (gestalt language processing and analytic language processing)

- The ability to identify gestalt language processors

- An understanding of the different stages of gestalt language development.

- Knowledge of the Natural Language Acquisition treatment framework

- An understanding of how to assess and write reports and goals for gestalt language processors

- An in-depth understanding of the four stages of Natural Language Acquisition

- A confident treatment plan after viewing video treatment sessions for children in all four- six different stages 

On-Demand Learning

Modules, downloads, resources, and videos for a self-guided learning experience. 

Member's Community

A separate group (included in your course purchase) to advance your learning. Get exclusive access to our members' community to ask questions, get support, and participate in discussions.

Easy Implementation

Take your knowledge into the therapy room and begin implementing the NLA framework with confidence.

How will this information translate to the therapy room?


Have you ever found yourself hours into learning something new in our field, only to ask yourself, "But now what? How do I take this information and translate it into the therapy room?" We've been there too!


This is the entire reason we decided to create Meaningful Speech. We want you to not only understand delayed echolalia but also be able to easily and confidently use the tools we share in therapy and see amazing results in the children you serve. 


We will show you, step-by-step!


There are other resources on this topic, but Meaningful Speech is the only place you will be guided, step-by-step, from understanding > assessment > treatment. Take your knowledge to the next level with your Meaningful Speech membership and develop your clinical skills with ease.


I am ready to start learning! 

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Everything you need to know about helping a child move from  delayed echolalia to original language, all in one place. 


  • Understand how to identify scripting
  • Use the NLA framework to move your child or client to self-generated language
  • Know exactly what you need to do in therapy or at home
  • Understand how to work with kids in any of the 4-6 stages of Natural Language Acquisition
  • Get therapy ideas for both in-person and teletherapy
  • Learn how to assess and work with even the trickiest kids


I am Alexandria Zachos, MS, CCC-SLP/L

I am an SLP, a business owner, a wife, and a mom.  I am learning and growing as a speech-language pathologist and in all my life roles daily.

As a therapist, parent, and lifelong student, I know you don’t have all the time in the world to watch another course or read another book. I also know how important learning is to you and how you want to help every child on your caseload (or your own child) to reach their full potential. Since sometimes ten minutes is all you have, I have created an on-demand and self-paced course to help you address scripting in the children you serve. In only five to ten minutes a day, you can access resources and bite-sized videos on meaningful speech that will help you shape your understanding of Natural Language Acquisition and your ability to assess and treat delayed echolalia.  As a Meaningful Speech student, you will grow your knowledge and skillset so you, too, will be an expert in working with kids who script.

I am truly passionate about educating my fellow SLPs and parents with the knowledge that I WISH I had 18 years ago! I was never taught about gestalt language processing in graduate school, my externships, or during my clinical fellowship year. When it came to echolalia, I was taught to ignore and redirect. It wasn't until much later in my career that I learned echolalia communicates - a serendipitous moment in 2016 when I was introduced to Marge Blanc’s book, Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language. As soon as I heard about her book, I immediately bought it and read it cover to cover. That is when I truly began to understand scripting and how to help children move from scripting to meaningful and natural language. Once I implemented my new knowledge into therapy, it was immediately obvious this approach was WORKING! I finally began to see tremendous growth in the most complex communicators.  I reached out to Marge right away and began one of the most meaningful mentorships and collaborations of my career. Meaningful Speech is now my way to spread the career-changing knowledge of Natural Language Acquisition while helping parents and speech-language pathologists turn their new knowledge into action. 

An Overview of Your Self-Guided Learning Experience

Module 1: Understanding Your Meaningful Speech Membership

Module 2: Covering the Basics of Natural Language Acquisition

Module 3: Assessing Children Who Use Scripting

Module 4: Natural Language Acquisition Stage One

Module 5: Natural Language Acquisition Stage Two

Module 6: Natural Language Acquisition Stage Three

Module 7: Natural Language Acquisition Stages Four- Six

Marge Blanc, MA, CCC-SLP and Author of Natural Language Acquisition

Alex is a highly professional Speech-Language Pathologist who celebrates the intrinsic worth of each client. I trust Alex to the moon and back. From the moment she learned about NLA, she has been focused on understanding it's every nuance as it applies to kids and their language development. Relentless in her search for understanding, Alex combines that knowledge with her already–perfected clinical skills, and remakes service delivery for gestalt language processors as the best of child-led therapy. As a teacher, Alex is heart-felt in her focus on her fellow SLPs, and passionate in her desire that others understand. Trust her to teach you; trust her with your child.

Krissy Baker, clinic-based SLP

As a professional SLP, I have encountered very few novel treatment approaches that completely change the way I assess and treat my clients.  Under Alexandria Zachos' training my ability to identify and treat gestalt language processors has significantly improved my value as a provider.  To see the children I treat go from an analytical approach with gains that are high effort and slow-moving to those same types of learners exploding with their own language development has been both eye-opening and deeply rewarding.  Alex presents the information and training in a format that is useful and immediately effective.  I'm very appreciative for this opportunity to learn how to use an important and efficacious evaluation and treatment approach that can grow with my clients.

Demi Fritz, clinic-based SLP

Before working with Alex and Meaningful Speech, I had no idea how to provide effective treatment for echolalia.  NLA Framework is complicated and is not easy to teach, but Alex does it effortlessly.  She uses videos, case studies, handouts, and honest feedback to guide you in your journey to becoming proficient in treating echolalia.  I have seen more progress with my clients in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years; the proof is in the progress.  I highly recommend signing up for Meaningful Speech, it's an evidence-based, highly effective treatment method, and Alex does a phenomenal job teaching it!

S.D., parent

This experience has opened my eyes that there is not just one way to learn language. Language development is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Finding the right therapist that understands how your child learns is key. I would encourage all parents and professionals to educate themselves about NLA and the benefits it can bring to children with language difficulties.

Lillian Steigler, PhD, Southeastern Louisiana University

Alex is truly a master clinician, and a trailblazer in the assessment and treatment of gestalt language processors.  She deeply understands the nuances of play, and is therefore able to engage children authentically.  She has perfected the art of thinking on her feet, listening intently to her clients and responding contingently in the moment.  If a child expresses an unexpected interest in a topic, Alex can immediately change course to take advantage of the therapeutic opportunity!  Most importantly, Alex is singularly focused on each child’s speech and language development.  She realizes that the stakes are high, and fully expects all clients to achieve a higher level of competence.  

Sarah Scheurich, school-based SLP
NLA has been a game-changer!  Alex provided an effective and usable approach for me to use with clients who are gestalt language processors and exhibit echolalia.  She provided positive support and feedback as I learned the new approach.  After using NLA with clients, I began to see progress almost immediately.  Alex is an excellent teacher and I highly recommended her to anyone looking to enhance their clinical skills in working with gestalt language processors!  I wish I had learned about this approach earlier in my career!

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