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Our self-paced course will teach you how to confidently identify, evaluate, and work with any child who communicates with delayed echolalia (often referred to as scripting). 

Advance your skillset quickly and deliver therapy (or work with your child at home) that will open up the world of spontaneous and natural communication for children who are gestalt language processors.

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We created a PDF handout to help you explain gestalt language development and delayed echolalia (the first stage in this developmental process) to parents, school staff, or your child's therapy team. Now available in English AND Spanish!

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Calling all speech-language pathologists, parents, therapists, and teachers! This is for anyone that can benefit from understanding gestalt language development and learning how to support kids who communicate using delayed echolalia.


Did you know there are TWO ways to develop language? Children who communicate with delayed echolalia (often called scripting) are gestalt language processors, not analytic ("typical") language processors. Their language development is a bit different and requires different language support. Both types of language development have the same final destination, though - flexible, original language!

This course will teach you how to best support all gestalt language processors, regardless of age or diagnosis. 


Here is what you will get inside:


  1. Overview of the two ways to process language (gestalt language processing and analytic language processing)

  2. Learn how to identify gestalt language processors

  3. Learn the Natural Language Acquisition framework (Blanc, 2012)

  4. Develop an in-depth understanding of the six stages of Natural Language Acquisition

  5. Understand child-led therapy and maximizing opportunities for spontaneous language 

  6. Learn from experts in the field, related fields, and parents in all of our Lunch and Learn Interviews

  7. Bonus modules: learn about areas related to gestalt language processing from experts in the field. The topics covered are AAC, motor planning, sensory processing, autism, and MORE!


How will this information translate to the home or the therapy space?


Have you ever found yourself hours into learning something new in our field, only to ask yourself, "But now what? How do I take this information and translate it into the therapy room?" We've been there too!


This is the entire reason we decided to create Meaningful SpeechTM . We want you to not only understand gestalt language development but also to easily and confidently use the information and tools we share to best support the children you serve.


We will show you step-by-step!


There are other resources on this topic, but if you want to get a good foundational understanding and know what to do on MONDAY at home or in your therapy space, you'll want to take this course. You will be guided, step-by-step, from understanding > assessment > supporting kids. The course is full of handouts and client videos to support your learning. Take your knowledge to the next level with the Meaningful SpeechTM course and develop your clinical skills with ease.


I am ready to start learning!


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Therapists, are you asking yourself: 

  • How do I work with a child who communicates with delayed echolalia? I have children who script on my caseload.

  • Why isn’t my approach working with this child?

  • Why does this child seem to process language differently?

  • Why does this child still communicate with single words or doesn't seem to have any words? What can I do to support their communication?

Parents, have you ever wondered:

  • Why isn’t traditional speech therapy working for my child?

  • How can I help my child communicate with varied language?

  • What do I do at home to help my child engage in meaningful communication?

  • Where can I go to learn about what I can do to help my child?

Praise for The Meaningful Speech TM   Course

Danni, Parent

I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to understand more about natural speech development. The course is passionately made, easy to understand, and has given me the confidence needed to support my son. I couldn't ask for more.

Stacie, Speech-Language Pathologist

My students have benefited from me taking this course. I have streamlined ways to collect data, share resources with paraprofessionals and parents to help facilitate the NLA approach.

Ali, Speech-Language Pathologist

I cannot thank Alex enough for all that she has taught me thus far. While I am not yet finished with all of the modules, the information I have learned from this course has been life-changing in my therapy sessions. My clients feel validated, their language skills are improving, and my clients' parents cannot believe how much progress has been made!

Ellen, Speech-Language Pathologist

This course offers a great initial knowledge-base related to NLA and GLP. It is easily understood by professionals as well as parents.

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  • Lifetime access
  • Log in and get back to learning whenever is convenient for you
  • Watch videos and learn at your own pace
  • Observe a specialist in action, so you know exactly what you need to do in therapy or at home
  • Access sample reports and goals to guide your evaluations and treatment planning
  • Bonus modules to advance your knowledge
  • Member forum where you can ask questions and get expert responses
  • Library of videos showcasing kids in all the different NLA stages
  • Handouts that are shareable with staff, parents, and anyone on the child's team

On-Demand Learning

Modules, downloads, resources, and videos for a self-guided learning experience. 

Member's Community Forum

A separate group (included in your course purchase) to advance your learning. Get exclusive access to our members' community to ask questions, get support, and participate in discussions.

Easy Implementation

Take your knowledge into the home or the therapy space and begin implementing the Natural Language Acquisition (Blanc, 2012) framework with confidence.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! I am Alexandria Zachos, MS, CCC-SLP/L

I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist specializing in gestalt language processing and the Natural Language Acquisition framework (Blanc, 2012). My journey began with the discovery of Marge Blanc’s book Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language. Soon after reading the book, I reached out to Marge and began one of the most meaningful mentorships and collaborations of my career. With Marge's input and guidance, I developed the Meaningful SpeechTM course to teach speech-language pathologists, parents, and related professionals about gestalt language processing and the Natural Language Acquisition framework.

Parents, Students, Other Professionals


  • Unlimited lifetime access

  • Self-paced learning (log in anytime and watch the pre-recorded modules)

  • Client videos and handouts with each core module

  • 25 hours of learning (8 hours of core modules and 17 hours of bonus modules)

  • Access to our exclusive Member's Community Forum (ask questions, participate in discussions)

  • Email [email protected] for groups of 3 or more for a group discount.

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Professionals - SLPs & SLPAs


  • Unlimited lifetime access

  • Self-paced learning (log in anytime and watch the pre-recorded modules)

  • Client videos and handouts with each core module

  • 25 hours of learning (8 hours of core modules and 17 hours of bonus modules)

  • Access to our exclusive Member's Community Forum (ask questions, participate in discussions)

  • A certificate of completion and feedback after passing our final assessment
  • Once final assessment is passed you will have an opportunity to list your profile in our NLA Trained Clinician Registry, available on our homepage for families searching for private practice clinicians skilled in NLA and gestalt language processing (one time fee of $39 for listing)
  • 25 ASHA professional development hours (PDH) for all core + bonus modules (ASHA PDF to print or save for your records ~ click here to learn about PDH vs. CEUs)
  • Email [email protected] for groups of 3 or more for a group discount.

CLICK HERE for our 2 payment plan.

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Module 1: Welcome

In this module, we will welcome you to the course and show you around.

  • Meet your instructor
  • Learn how to access and use the Member's Forum
  • Feel confident and ready to learn!

Module 2: Foundational Knowledge

  • Develop an understanding of the research that led to the development of the Natural Language Acquisition Framework (NLA)
  • Understand the difference between analytic and gestalt language processors
  • Understand how to identify a gestalt language processor
  • Understand the 6 stages of Natural Language Acquisition
  • Be able to identify and give examples of the different stages of gestalt language development
  • Exclusive interview on the background and history of gestalt language processing with Marge Blanc, SLP and author of Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum

Module 3: Assessment

  • Understand how to use language samples to assess gestalt language processors.
  • Understand how to get a spontaneous language sample.
  • Practice scoring language samples through video examples.
  • Determine assessment results.
  • Establish goals based on scored language samples.

Module 4: NLA Stage 1

  • Understand what echolalia sounds like in NLA stage 1.
  • Easily identify a stage 1 gestalt.
  • Understand how to identify a child mainly communicating in stage 1.
  • Develop a plan of action for therapy for a child communicating mostly in stage 1.

Module 5: NLA Stage 2

  • Understand how to continually take and assess language samples.

  • Understand when a child is ready for NLA stage 2

  • Practice listening and watching therapy in action through video examples.

  • Determine NLA Stage 2 targets and goals.

  • Understand what to naturally model at home or in therapy sessions.

Module 6: NLA Stage 3

  • Understand the type of language your child uses in stage three (single words, combinations) 

  • Try to identify stage 3 single words your child has isolated or "freed" from longer gestalts

  • Understand how to help a child explore single words and combinations in stage 3.

Module 7: NLA Stages 4-6

  • Understand when a child is ready for beginning grammar (stage 4) and then advanced and complex grammar (stages 5-6).

  • Understand grammar development in gestalt language processors.

  • Develop an understanding of how to use the DST and DSS as guides in developing language targets and goals for stages 4-6. 

  • Develop a plan of action for therapy for a child in NLA stages 4-6.

  • Interview and discussion on stages 5-6 with Marge Blanc, SLP and author of Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum

BONUS Modules

  • OVER 14 hours of content featuring experts in the field and parents of gestalt language processors in our Lunch and Learn module (each interview is 45 minutes long)

  •  PLUS SIX bonus modules taught by specialists in speech-language pathology (modules run from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours for a total of 3.5 hours of content!)

  • Bonus value of over $1,000!
Topics include:
  • Motor Planning taught by SLP, Katie Arnold
  • AAC and Gestalt Language Processing taught by SLP, Kate McLaughlin
  • Data Collection taught by SLP, Alexandria Zachos
  • Gestalt Cognitive Processing taught by SLP, Rachel Dorsey
  • What is Autism? taught by SLP, Andi Putt
  • Sensory Processing taught by OT, Dr. Diamond Rashad
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More Praise for The Meaningful Speech TM   Course

Klodia, Parent

I would recommend this course and community to any family or SLP.  This way of therapy has helped to make my son feel less pressured and help him to want to communicate with us in his own beautiful way.

Jamie, Speech-Language Pathologist

HOLY COW. Just in allowing for more silence and repeating part of scripts, one patient had so much Bingo eye contact and at the end of the session looked me in the eye and sang ‘The more we get together, together, together. The more we get together the happier we'll be.’  And now he sings that when he sees me or I can tell he is really enjoying his time with me. It's like he's finally feeling understood and is telling me that.

Emily, Speech-Language Pathologist

I am so pleased with the course. The handouts are so helpful for my learning and also for the families in which I serve. It is sooo easy to find information and go back to review!

Jodie, Speech-Language Pathologist

This course has completely changed the way I do therapy! I utilize more movement than ever before, and everything we do in our sessions is centered around what the child wants to do. My verbal models are much more natural and relate to whatever we happen to be playing with that day. My sessions look totally different!

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