AAC for Gestalt Language Processors ~ A Meaningful SpeechTM   Course

Our self-paced course will teach you how to identify, evaluate, and support gestalt language processors (GLPs) who currently communicate using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) or who you think may benefit from AAC.

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We created a PDF handout to help you understand which gestalt language processors may need AAC. It's helpful to share with parents, school staff, or your child's therapy team.

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This course is for speech-language pathologists, parents, and related professionals alike ~ anyone working with children who could benefit from AAC needs to understand how augmentative and alternative communication can support gestalt language processors with complex communicaiton needs.


If you are wondering:


~ what research-based strategies support AAC for gestalt language processors.

how to determine authentic gestalts for AAC users. 

how to support an AAC user through the gestalt language development stages.

how and where to program authentic gestalts for AAC users.


Then this course is for you!


Are you overwhelmed by implementing or using AAC with your Gestalt Language Processors?


We understand! Natural Language Acquisition (Blanc, 2012) strategies have yet to be formally researched within the area of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), so there are limited resources available. AAC is often still considered a “last resort” even when an individual can receive huge benefits from it. We also understand that AAC can feel daunting for families and professionals as “one more thing” they must learn and use. That is why we created this course! We will guide you through developing a foundation to understand augmentative and alternative communication, assessment of learning process, gestalt language processing, and how and when to use AAC with your child or clients.


Here is what you'll get inside:


  1. Gain an understanding of AAC, assessment of learning process (ALP), and gestalt language processing.
  2. Understand how to assess gestalt language processing and AAC.
  3. Discover options for gaining access to robust AAC. 
  4. Learn how to deliver AAC therapy utilizing the Natural Language Acquisition (Blanc, 2012) framework.  
  5. Guidance on current clinical considerations to better support someone with complex communication needs to use AAC. 
  6. Learn the differences between analytic language processing and gestalt language processing and how they relate to current AAC organization.
  7. Gain tools for practical application and examples of how AAC can be customized to support authentic communication. 


How does this course complement the original Meaningful SpeechTM Course?


This course offers continued knowledge for gestalt language processors who use or would benefit from AAC.  By taking both courses, participants will gain a well-rounded understanding of how to support both speaking and nonspeaking individuals and how to determine when and how to use AAC to support gestalt language processors. 


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 Here is what you can expect to learn inside our AAC course:

  • What AAC is and different types of AAC to consider for gestalt language processors. 
  • Which research-based strategies support gestalt language processors and Natural Language Acquisition (Blanc, 2012)
  • How to determine if a gestalt language processor would benefit from AAC. 
  • The different avenues (formal and informal) to obtain a robust AAC system. 
  • Access to working and informational handouts to support AAC and gestalt language processors
  • Assess and utilize a framework for gestalt language processing and AAC. 
  • How to customize AAC devices to best support gestalt language processors while utilizing the Natural Language Acquisition (Blanc, 2012) framework.

Unlimited Access, Anytime, Anywhere. 

  • Access for the lifetime of the course.
  • Log in and get back to learning whenever is convenient for you.
  • Watch videos and learn at your own pace.
  • Observe a specialist in action, so you know exactly what you need to do in therapy or at home.
  • Access sample reports and goals to guide your evaluations and treatment planning.
  • Member community forum where you can ask questions and get expert responses.
  • Handouts to advance your knowledge.
  • 7 bonus modules to learn how to program different devices for gestalt language processors.

On-Demand Learning

Modules, downloads, resources, and videos for a self-guided learning experience. 

Members' Community Forum

A separate group (included in your course purchase) to advance your learning. Get exclusive access to our members' community to ask questions, get support, and participate in discussions.

Easy Implementation

Take your knowledge into the home or the therapy space and begin implementing AAC with gestalt language processors with confidence. 

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! I am Laura Hayes, MS, CCC-SLP


I am a speech-language pathologist and AAC specialist with over 13 years of experience in both the medical and educational settings. In my role as a therapist and an AAC facilitator, I have had a special interest in supporting autistic children who have complex communication needs. Having seen the gestalt language processors I supported flourish using AAC, and with Alexandra Zachos' support, I combined my clinical and professional experience to bring this course to Meaningful SpeechTM. It is my goal to help others learn how to give gestalt language processors a voice and to help parents, speech-language pathologists, teachers, and other professionals feel more confident as communication partners. 


Special Note:

We would like to personally thank the contributors to the AAC and GLP course, without them this course and progress in the area of gestalt language processing and augmentative and alternative communication would not be possible.  We would like to thank: Courtney Johnson, Tiffany Joseph, The Cronk Family, The Balabaer Family, Lilly's Voice (Stephanie and Lilly), Emily Diaz, Kate Flaxman, Lauren Greenlief, Kate McLaughlin,  Ereeni Roulakis and Marge Blanc for their AAC knowledge and experience to the course.  We would also like to thank Cued Creative, Katie Arnold and Jess Teixeira for their hard work and support in production of the course and resources.  
"Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean." -Ryunosuke Satoro

Parents, Students, Other Professionals


  • Unlimited lifetime access

  • Self-paced learning (log in anytime and watch the pre-recorded modules)

  • Videos and handouts with each core module

  • 10.5 hours of learning (7 hours of core modules and 3.5 hours of bonus modules)

  • Access to our exclusive Members' Community Forum (ask questions, participate in discussions)

  • New! (5/10/23) A certificate of completion will be awarded after the full course is completed.
  • Email [email protected] for groups of 3 or more for a group discount.

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Professionals - SLPs & SLPAs


  • Unlimited lifetime access

  • Self-paced learning (log in anytime and watch the pre-recorded modules)

  • Videos and handouts with each core module

  • 10.5 hours of learning (7 hours of core modules and 3.5 hours of bonus modules)

  • Access to our exclusive Member's Community Forum (ask questions, participate in discussions)

  • A certificate of completion and feedback after passing our final assessment
  • An opportunity to list your profile in our NLA Trained Clinician Registry as an AAC+GLP clinician (available on our homepage for families searching for private practice clinicians skilled in NLA and gestalt language processing)
  • 10.5 hours/PDH for the AAC Course (core modules + bonus modules) with an ASHA PDF to print or save for your records ~ click here to learn about PDH/CMH vs CEUs
  • Email [email protected] for groups of 3 or more for a group discount.

CLICK HERE to download our flyer to share with your employer! It explains the course, what's included, what you will learn, and the cost.

CLICK HERE for our 2 payment plan.
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Module 1: Understanding Your Self-Paced Course AAC + GLP

Overview of AAC + GLP course and recommended path to when reviewing the modules.

Module 2: Introduction (or Review) to Gestalt Language Development

An introduction (or review) of gestalt language development.

Module 3: AAC Overview: Background and Basics

Overview of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) outlining “who” AAC is for, “what” different AAC contains, and “why” AAC might be used.

Module 4: AAC and GLP Assessment

An in-depth look at AAC assessment to meet the needs and take into consideration gestalt language processing.

Module 5: AAC + GLP Therapy

The AAC + GLP Therapy module discusses considerations in AAC therapy when working a gestalt language processor.

BONUS Modules

Programming and Customization Considerations: Learn supportive features of the language software and customization considerations for GLP

LAMP Words for Life & Unity

Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD)



Speak For Yourself

TouchChat Overview and Programming for GLPs

Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

Interview with Marge Blanc, SLP and author of Natural Language Acquisition: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Lanaguage

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