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GLP Educational Support Video Series


Many of us, parents, teachers, and clinicians, really have heard only about analytic language development. To learn about another natural, typical way of developing language can be exciting, daunting, and, for many, reassuring that the delayed echolalia they have observed with their gestalt language processor (GLP) is a NATURAL first step in developing language for our GLPs. 

Taught by Meaningful Speech team member, Katie Arnold, this video series covers all the basics about gestalt language development, what to do and not do, and the most vital information you need to know when interacting with a GLP.

The accompanying workbook contains exercises and reflections to help guide discussions across the video series, as well as handouts for the education of the video participants and for participants to share with others.

This is for you if you are looking to educate your staff, school, daycare, organization, or your own clients and the families you work with (grandparents, caregivers).

This purchase includes:

  • 1-hour video series
  • Accompanying workbook (PDF download)
  • Lifetime access