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Gestalt Language Intake Forms for Individual Clinicians - Digital Download

Gestalt Language School-Based & Private Practice Intake Forms for Individual Clinicians*

Helping you gather relevant and important information while also inspiring collaborative conversations.

With every purchase, you will get everything listed below: 

  • GLP Parent Questionnaire & Child Intake Form: a replacement for traditional intake forms 
  • Clinician Checklist for GLP Parent Interview: use this form to get some important information quickly and stay on track, making sure you don't leave the conversation wishing you had remembered to ask different questions.
  • GLP IEP Parent Questionnaire: a condensed version of the GLP Parent Questionnaire/Child Intake form to obtain valuable information before the meeting

These forms were developed with a gestalt language processor (GLP) in mind. Save time by focusing on the information that is truly meaningful.

*The license for these forms is for individual clinicians. If you have a small practice, click here to purchase a Small Clinic license. If you have a large practice or are a school district, click here to purchase a Large Clinic/School license.